Our results are guaranteed when you apply the correct amount of product for your custom space.  If you “under treat” your results may vary.  Use our 3 easy steps below or watch our “tutorial” video below to calculate the exact amount of vapor strips and applicator clips needed to guarantee complete elimination and protection.


STEP 1.  Determine the cubic space of the room by measuring the length, width and height.  Multiply these 3 measurements (LxWxH) = TOTAL CUBIC SPACE

STEP 2.  Divide your TOTAL CUBIC SPACE by 200 (LxWxH/200) = TOTAL#

STEP 3.  Round up or down, whichever whole # your TOTAL# is closest to (12.4 = 12) (12.5 = 13) = TOTAL # OF VAPOR STRIPS AND APPLICATOR CLIPS NEEDED

TUTORIAL VIDEO: How to measure, order and apply


**Vapor strips need to be replaced every 4 months**

A minimum order of 10 vapor strips is necessary for free shipping.  Applicator clips only need to be ordered once as they will remain in the treatment space as you continue to replace your vapor strips every 4 months.

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